Some sample stories published in various media outlets: 

Mamman kom hem barfota – utan underkläder

Gravida flyr i panik – eller blir fängslade med bebisarna

The Philippines is Unprepared to Meet the Challenge of Child Sex Trafficking Online

The hunt for the Abu Sayyaf militants that kidnapped and killed Canadians (Credit line as a news fixer)

Dictator’s son uses TikTok to lead in Philippine election and rewrite his family’s past (Credit line as a news fixer)

Strongman Duterte Executes a Militarized Pandemic Response in the Philippines

Wives, Widows, and Mothers: The New Face of Violent Extremism in the Philippines

Sink or Swim: An MSME Story

Panic in the Philippines As The Nation’s Healthcare Falters Amid Covid-19 

Emerging Terrorist Threats Change Security Landscape in the Philippines

What the Philippines elections tell the world

Can the Philippines protect itself from future typhoons?

The Portrait of a Filipino terrorist as suicide bomber (updated link)

Yli vuoden vankeuspiina ohi – Filippiineillä vangittuna ollut suomalaismissi vapautettiin kaikista syytteistä(September 2018/English report translated into Finnish)

Filippiinien vankilassa viruvan suomalaismissin huumekäräjät jatkuivat erikoisissa merkeissä – asianajaja ei ilmaantunut paikalle (July 2018/English report translated into Finnish)

Huumerikoksista epäilty suomalaismissi ollut jo vuoden vangittuna Filippiineillä – tapaus saattaa ratketa heinäkuussa (June 2018/English report translated into Finnish)

Huumerikoksista Filippiineillä syytetty suomalaismissi oli huumeluolassa, koska halusi selvittää miehensä uskottomuuden – ei vastannut syytteisiin oikeudessa (March 2018/English report translated into Finnish)

IL-reportaasi Filippiineiltä: Poliisi paljastaa suomalaismissin rikosepäilyn taustat – pidätyspaikka oli huumeiden jakelukeskus (English report translated into Finnish)

Suomalaismissi odottaa yhä oikeudenkäyntiään Filippiineillä – IL:n erikoisreportaasi: Tällaista on Manilan raaka huumesota (English report translated into Finnish)

Huumekaupasta pidätetyn suomalaismissin asianajaja: Hän ei ole syyllinen, vaan sivullinen (English report translated into Finnish)

IL-raportti Filippiineiltä: Näin karussa vankilassa suomalaismissi on pidätettynä – katso video (English report translated into Finnish)

Silencing the lambs 

The word on cyber-espionage from Symantec

Miriam Coronel-Ferrer on women power and Mamasapano

Evolving security threats in PHL

Tapping women and youth in disaster management 

Big bully

Philippines Maintains Edge in BPO (1) (2)

The Metro Train System: A Victim of its Own Success? (1) (2)

How to Safeguard Your Balikbayan Box Shipment (1) (2)

Usual safety hazards and security threats on Papal Visit 2015

The city in rubble and flood: Days after Typhoon Yolanda

OPAPP partners with Spain through AECID, seen to help LGUs on planning processes

My midnight encounter with Bukas Taxi modus

Teaching children safety and security

Cargo thefts in Asia increased by 312 percent: TAPA

Gov’t and MILF panels aim to sign peace pact this year

OTS won’t allow knives and blades despite TSA’s new aviation policy

The lady on wheels

Alternative learning system: The other side of basic education (1) (2)

Redefining Industrial and National Security (Interview Contribution on Prof. Quilop)

Bus lines cooperate with DOTC’s Oplan Ligtas Biyahe Undas 2012

Regulating the security profession

US embassy warns American citizens in Metro Manila

PH is 3rd most disaster risk country in the world

PNP chief Bartolome calls for aggressive policing against partisan armed groups

NCRPO still needs 224 policemen

Behind closed doors

Hotel Security: Everybody’s Business

Hotel Wi-Fi: To Connect Or Not To Connect

Pay It Forward

A Shift of Faith

Seda Embarks on Hotel Security Training

WCC Positions Binalonan Town as New Aviation Education, Training Ground

Born to be a bully

Link to articles in Entrepreneur Philippines (Appeared in print, adapted online)

Link to articles in Tech Times

Link to articles in FemaleNetwork 


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